Event Promotion Through Social Media and You

Event Promotion Through Social Media and You

Social media has given the world an amazing new way to communicate. In one simple place, you can provide potential event guests or clients with a wealth of information about your current event plans and history. But with so many different platforms and users, how do you ensure your posts don’t get lost in the algorithm?

Every social media platform is different, but if you follow these best practices you can be sure that your audience is seeing your hard work!

Set Social Media Objectives

Before you start setting up your business account, consider what exactly you want from being on social media. Is it increased event ticket sales? To spread awareness for your events? Or are you advertising you and your services? This not only will help guide you with account creation but will help you build or grow your brand. Knowing the purpose of the account will allow you to create a focus for your content and a reason for fans to follow you.

Create a Schedule

Making a post every once and a blue moon is not the best way to get eyes on your account. Posting more often makes it more likely that you will be noticed by the platform. This, in turn, will show your posts to more people that enjoy the topic of your focus. This also helps you maximize your reach and plan content ahead of time, leaving you with less stress when it comes time to make a post. They have many scheduling programs and websites that will allow you to plan out the date and time you want posts to go up, and even post them for you.

Familiarize yourself with the Network

Every social media network has multiple image size requirements and focuses on different types of content. Some focus more on imagery, others on spreading information, and much more. It’s important to keep an open and creative mind with social media. A little research on accounts similar to your focus can help you figure out the best platform for you and how to become popular on that platform. Based on your goals, you may want to spend more time on one platform over another.

Most importantly of all, you must know your brand voice and use it! Showing the masses who you are and how you roll is the number one way to get followers. The more relatable and on-brand you are the more likely you will gain followers that enjoy your posts and engage.

When it comes to social media you are not just collecting customers, you’re building a community.