Event Planning: Before The Event

Event Planning: Before The Event

When you plan an event there is usually a larger purpose or reason for people to come. Whether it be a wedding, a concert, or a backyard barbecue, there is the main event and everyone is excited. However, your guests will be expecting some pre-event activities to keep them busy. This usually consists of a meal, smaller entertainment, or some fun group activities, but how do you plan engaging activities that don’t take away from the main event?

Let us provide some tips!

Brainstorming is Key

Idea generation is important here, and there are no dumb ideas! Have a small brainstorming session with your team or by yourself. Write down all your ideas and don’t be afraid to ask the internet for ideas or opinions. Someone may have already tried one of your ideas and found a way to make it great! It also may have been a total flop. This insight can really help separate out the activities that will work best for your event.

Stick to the Theme

Be careful to ensure that when your choosing activities they can be easily acclimated to whatever theme you’re going with. You don’t want to plan a pie-eating contest for a fancy wedding, but you could have a cute cake-eating contest where the bridesmaids have to feed the groomsmen. Additionally, consider what events people might expect to come with your theme. Weddings usually have a variety of events that guests expect to see whereas a summer pool party requires a little more imagination. Following or discovering guest activity expectations can take the pressure off you to come up with new things to do.

Consider the Shine Factor

The ‘Shine Factor’ is how great the activity is in comparison to the main event. You must make sure that the main event outshines any other activities you may have planned. You don’t want the evening meal to outshine the brides walk down the aisle or the opening band to out rock the headliner band. Take into consideration the popularity of the activity, the age group of your guests, and the amount of effort that will go into making the activity happen. Something really popular could steal the show and something more childish may not appeal to an older audience. If you have to put a lot of effort into making a certain activity a reality, it may be a little much for your event.

When it comes to planning event activities don’t be afraid to think out of the box and test some stuff out on your staff or friends to see how things might go during your event. Many factors can go wrong with activities, so like always, make sure to have a backup planned!