Eco-friendly Event Tips

Eco-friendly Event Tips

Times are changing and one thing is for sure, many individuals are becoming more and more aware of their eco-footprint and how their consumption affects our planet.

Why should our practices for weddings and events be any different? Let’s explore some ways that you can make your next event more sustainable, and eco-friendly.

Save Some Trees

To start, think digital! We can use technology to replace many things that would normally waste paper. For example, purchasing a wedding planning book or books. Instead, we can download a digital version or use a website like and keep notes, research, and follow checklists on our computers.

We can also create digital invitations to send to our guests, as opposed to printing hardcopies, or cut back on the number of hard copies, for those guests who don’t use a computer. After all, we don’t want grandma and grandpa to miss the details about the big day!

Venue Considerations

Let’s talk Venue. There are so many things that can be done at the venue’s level that can help to decrease your event’s eco-footprint. First, the location’s lighting could be LED, which uses 25% less energy compared to regular lighting. Next, they should recycle, compost, and even donate leftovers to shelters.

You may also want to consider having the ceremony and reception at the same location to lessen car emissions. Another option is to offer a shuttle service. This reduces emissions while also providing your guests with a safe ride home after a night of fun!

Decorative Options

When it comes to decor there are so many options! Using vintage or used decorative pieces is a great way to save money and help our planet. Additionally, you can use organic decor, like things from nature or your own garden; fallen leaves, twigs, flowers, etc. Don’t forget that you can up-cycle jars, bottles, cans, and more. When it comes to signage, menus, or place cards, try using chalkboards, mirrors, acrylic, or leaves instead of paper products. After the wedding, consider reselling the decor or repurposing it in your own home.

Here For The Food

You can’t have an event without delicious food! Find a caterer who sources food from local farms and small businesses. You’ll be supporting locals while helping to omit those transportation emissions for imported products. For tableware, cutlery, straws, cups, etc, make sure to use washable or biodegradable products as opposed to plastic or disposable.

At the end of the day, an eco-friendly event is more than attainable. When in doubt think organic, resale, consignment, or digital. Our planet will thank you!