Easter Events

Easter Events

Easter is such an amazing time to get together and spend time with your family–especially after two years of inconsistent contact because of Covid. Here is some advice on how to figure out exactly how your Easter get-together can be memorable–whether it is professional, or casual and family oriented.

Activities for Kids

Easter egg hunts and egg decorating is what immediately comes to mind when one thinks of Easter, but they can be chaotic and messy! Depending on the age of your young attendees, there are a variety of craft ideas and activities available online. Instead of traditional egg decorating, you can provide the kids with some hardboiled eggs and water soluble markers, or even coloring pages. This way, the eggs don’t have to go to waste. Instead of an Easter egg hunt, an Easter bingo with prizes hidden away in eggs would work to maintain that tradition.


The options for Easter decorations are vast, but they really depend on what sort of event you’re hosting. Is it casual? It is being hosted outside? Is it a corporate event? Like any event you’re hosting, you want your decor to match your personal or professional brand, as well as the holiday. As a rule of thumb, flowers and botanicals do excellently as Easter decoration. For those hosting at home, who may want to save money, it would be rewarding and fun to involve your kids in crafting decorations for your home.


Unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, you do not want to make your meals too heavy at an Easter get-together. It’s Spring; think fresh and light. For a more professional event, it might be wise to skip a formal meal entirely and just stick to hors d’oeuvre. For those celebrating at home; prepping a large salad will help save you time on the day of, and to keep things light. If you’re serving alcohol at your event, a citrusy punch would be bright and delicious, but also save you time, mess, and money. Keep it simple and inoffensive so most guests would like it.

Enjoy the holiday!

Try to get as much planning done in advance so that you can enjoy the day with your family and friends; no one wants their host to be frantic and stressed! Relax and enjoy your quality time with your loved ones.