Do’s and Don’ts: Centerpieces

Do’s and Don’ts: Centerpieces

You might not be planning any large-scale events that require centerpieces at the moment, but one day you will be elbow deep in seating charts and table layouts. Make your job easier by already having a clear understanding of the centerpieces. 

The main purpose of centerpieces is to elevate a space. They fill what would otherwise be an empty place on a table. Coordinating centerpieces throughout the event hall can tie a larger room together. Check out our do’s and don’ts of all things centerpieces.


Do: Stick with the color scheme of the event. 

Don’t: Match the linens exactly – you don’t want your centerpiece to be washed out. 


Do: Select a piece that rises above the serving dishes if you’re struggling for space. 

Don’t: Choose a piece that obstructs the view of guests or prevents conversation. 


Do: Match the theme of the event – think florals that match the bouquet for a wedding!

Don’t: Try and be too original – you want your piece to stand out, but it should still blend in with your event. 


Do: Ensure your centerpiece fits in nicely with other tabletop decor. 

Don’t: Wait until the day of to try a practice place setting. 

Bonus Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to ask your client what they do and don’t like! 
  • Avoid gimmicks, like fishbowls, that are going to be a hassle to remove after the event. 
  • Have a game plan for where centerpieces are going during cleanup. (Keep in mind that guests may want to take them home!)
  • If you go the floral route, opt for fake flowers or flowers without strong scents to accommodate guests with allergies
  • Reuse old centerpieces supplies if you still have them – switching the ribbon color on a vase can make a huge difference. 

Personally, we can’t wait to get back to the world of centerpiece logistics! Centerpieces can act as nice talking pieces at an event and reflect positively on you as the host or event planner.