Creative Event Themes

Creative Event Themes

When it comes to themes everyone knows the basics, especially when it comes to holiday parties. It’s easy to pick a common theme, but every event needs that special touch to make it unique and fun. Impress your guests with a creative flare they won’t expect or a deep dive into a small idea. Don’t be afraid to take an idea and brainstorm some out-of-the-box concepts.

Here are some event aspects to consider when you’re brainstorming:

Color, Contrast, and Clarity

Colors are crucial to an event’s theme because they get the point across. Using the wrong color in your theme can ruin your decorations and have a negative impression on your guests. When choosing a color scheme you need to keep in mind the overall theme, what you want to do with it, and how it will fit with the decor. Make sure they work together to make beautiful blends or creative contrasts that scream your theme. In the end, your theme should be clearly presented in the chosen color combination.

Decor and Dinner

While the decor will be limited by theme and color availability, that doesn’t mean you can simply use everything that you can find. Choose your decor carefully, consider what value each piece brings to your event, and how it can be properly utilized. A clear vase may not seem like a great centerpiece for the tables, but some sparkles and colored water can make all the difference. The same amount of thought should be put into your food. Will you serve guests their meals on simple plates that match the tablecloth? Or will the meals themselves represent the theme like additional decor? Messing with the food’s presentation or appearance is a great way to create an unparalleled experience.

Dress Code and your Guests

Another way to impress your guests is to invite them to share in the theme and really live the moment. Setting up a fancy or costume-based dress code allows the guests to do their part in making the event a success while also adding to the wow-factor. It could be anything from asking them to wear a certain color or encouraging them to come fully outfitted in theme-appropriate attire. Many will be happy to oblige.

Regardless of the theme you choose for your event, make sure to always consider what you could add to give it that extra special flare.