Creating A Custom Hashtag 101

Creating A Custom Hashtag 101

Have you ever been scrolling through social media and seen photos from an event with a repeating hashtag? Or maybe you’ve gone to an event and seen hashtags branded onto programs and signage? These customized hashtags are created specifically for a certain event! They’re used so that everyone can find and see images that weren’t taken by the photographer. In some cases, the hashtag can even act as a free marketing tool! 

When it comes to creating and using a customized hashtag, there are a few things to consider: 

What kind of event are you having? 

The hashtag created for a wedding is going to be different from that on a semi-annual event. Smaller events can have a more creative hashtag – they can be silly, romantic, or even an inside joke. For example, a wedding hashtag might be a pun using the couple’s last name. If everyone at the event personally knows the guest of honor(s), you have the opportunity to have fun when coming up with your hashtag – just be mindful of the spelling. 

If you’re holding a larger event, such as an annual gala or semi-annual charity event, your options are more limited. As there will be so many people involved and possibly using the hashtag, you want it to be simple and easy to spell. You have to decide if you want the event to have the same hashtag every year – so you continue to add to it – or if you want to tweak it slightly. If you choose to tweak it slightly, adding the last two digits of the year to the end of the hashtag is standard practice. It’s with repetitive hashtags that marketing comes into play. The more people who post, the more people who are going to see your work. Encourage your venue, photographer, caterers, and entertainment to also post with your hashtag – it’s free publicity for all the involved parties. 

When will you start using your hashtag?

While your first instinct may be to start using and promoting your hashtag during and after your event – it’s a powerful tool to use beforehand. Brand your save the dates, your invitations, websites, and emails with the hashtag in advance. Get potential guests used to seeing the hashtag. Not only will this familiarize them with the use of it and the spelling, but they will also start to associate the hashtag with you and your company/event. It’s another free marketing technique! 

What exactly should my hashtag be? 

This can be a little tricky for some. Your hashtag should be unique and original without being too unique. You also want to avoid anything too common. For example, while it may be tempting to use hashtags such as #truelove or #happilyeverafter for a wedding, these are commonly used hashtags. The posts from your wedding event will be lost among a sea of others. On the opposite end, if you go too unique, your guests are unlikely to use your hashtag. Consider your hashtag from a verbal and visual angle as well. How does it look printed on a poster? Too long? Too short? Are people going to stumble on it when they try to read it? Keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with hashtags, so keep it simple. 

TIP: using capital letters in the middle of your hashtag doesn’t change its searchability and reach. However, it can make them easier to read. Example: #friedmangala can become #FriedmanGala, making it much easier to read! 

Have you ever attended an event with a custom hashtag? Did you know you can look those hashtags up and reminisce whenever you want? That is the power of them! For your next birthday, what will your custom hashtag be?