Candles: A Classic Addition to Your Decor

Candles: A Classic Addition to Your Decor

Candles can provide a soft, warm glow to your event, and have been used for hundreds of years for special events. But are they right for your event? Are they a safe option? We’re here to help you answer these questions.

The Classic Look

For weddings, candles are often used to prop up the romantic ambiance of the evening. Traditionally, they are used in centerpieces for dinner tables, or along the the aisle. Aiding the overall theme of the event, they are often contained within lanterns, glass pillars, or even in chandeliers. These additions also stop hot wax from dripping onto any tabletops, lines and tableware. This brings us to the main concern when using candles in your events decor; safety.

Candle Safety

Most wedding decor inspiration features more candles than would be practical. A lot of the time, this just isn’t practical, necessary, or safe. In addition to the overhead lighting of your venue, candles often don’t add any practical lighting. At the end of the day, the more candles you have at your event, the greater the risk of a fire. Use them deliberately and sparingly to add to the overall look of your event. Make Sure you double-check with your venue that you’re complying with their policies around candles and that they have sufficient fire extinguishers. But is there another option with less risk?

Faux Candles

In recent years, electronic candles have gotten a lot more realistic-looking; the flame flickers and produces the same ambiance as real candles. There are actually more benefits to faux candles than negatives; primarily, you can reuse them or sell them after your event. Whereas with real candles, there is absolutely no resale value in half-melted candles. Additionally, real candles often cost more. An excellent middle ground is using faux candles everywhere but on the dinner table, where people would be able to most closely enjoy their glow.


Candles add so much personality and warmth to dinner centerpieces, or as decor on cocktail tables. While it may seem intuitive, it is important to keep real candles away from any dried flowers or foliage for obvious reasons. You should also consider doing this for faux flowers and plastic decorations; there is also the possibility of these melting or damaging items.

The visuals candles can provide are stunning, faux, or real. Which one would you choose for your event?