Budget Springtime Event Tips

Budget Springtime Event Tips

It is a relief to finally be leaving cold Winter nights behind us; planning around rain doesn’t seem like such a pain compared to the snowstorms we have had to accommodate! I hope you can embrace the season and use some of these ideas to make your Spring event a little more affordable.

Outdoor Venues

One of the clear advantages of mild weather is that outdoor venue options are now far more abundant. Additionally, you won’t have to rent heaters to keep your guests from hightailing it out of there! Outdoor venues are often more affordable, especially if public parks are appropriate spaces for your event. Do keep in mind that setting up and catering your event in a public/outdoor space may be significantly more difficult than in a traditional event space, especially if the weather does not cooperate. If there is not sufficient shelter at the location you have chosen, make sure that you rent a tent to shelter all your guests comfortably.

Floral Decorations

Flowers are not always cheap, but when they are in season, they may lower the price for certain varieties. Make sure to shop local flower stores and consider which flowers grow most locally in your area, likely reducing the shipping costs that are piled on. Additionally, you might consider nontraditional plant decorations, which certainly run cheaper than flowers. This could include succulents, grassy plants, shells, etc.

Catering Alternatives

Outdoor events can often bring a more casual tone to an event, and also open up cheaper catering options. Contact local food truck owners and see what their catering options are. If it is a small and especially casual event, a potluck format may work. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious and like to cook, it is always an option to cater the event yourself, or with a small team. It is essential that at least one person on the team has a food handling certificate and that there are sufficient refrigeration capabilities at your event.

Affordable Doesn’t Have to Look Cheap

Forcing yourself to find more frugal options when planning an event can lead to a more creative and unique event; you aren’t just choosing the easiest option. We hope that this beautiful Spring weather inspires you to plan a memorable event this season—without breaking the bank.