Breaking Free From A Holiday Funk

Breaking Free From A Holiday Funk

You’ve probably read or heard “the holidays are different this year” a million times by now. It can start to take the cheer out of a season otherwise filled with excitement. It can be hard to feel the happiness that usually accompanies this time of year, knowing we won’t get to celebrate with our friends and family. So many of us are experiencing a “holiday funk” this year. 

Check out our tips on breaking out of this year’s holiday funk and jumping into the holiday spirit! 

Decorate Your Home 

Decorating this year might seem silly. You might ask what the point is when there won’t be any loved ones to enjoy the decor with you. But holiday decor is for more than just your company to enjoy! Fill your home with the usual bright lights, tiny figurines, and holiday pictures – their presence alone is enough to lift your mood. Plus, when you pop on video calls you’ll have perfect backdrops ready-made!

Listen to Holiday Music 

There is a reason stores pump in non-stop Christmas music this time of year – it promotes holiday excitement! Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can’t deny that some of the songs are incredibly catchy. Playing any sort of holiday music can uplift your spirit as you sing and dance along to the melodies. 

Cook and Bake

Like decorating, cooking and baking your usual holiday treats may seem like a fruitless effort. But think of how good your home will smell with the scent of baked goods wafting through the air. The holidays are the perfect excuse to go all out on big meals with tons of side dishes, don’t let the lack of large parties take that away from you. Freeze your leftovers and pull them out next time you need a holiday pick me up!

If you’ve been feeling the holiday funk this year, know you’re not alone. Feeling the usual joy of the season is hard this year, with so many cautionary lines drawn. Keeping everyone safe and healthy is important, but it’s okay to feel down about it. Do what you can to keep the festivities of the season at a high point in your home, whether you live alone, with your partner, or in a house full of kids!