Benefits of Recreating Cancelled Events Virtually

Benefits of Recreating Cancelled Events Virtually

In-person events may be cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean events are cancelled altogether. Virtual events are here and it’s time we all make the best of them! As long as you have drinks, food, and activities, then you are ready and can recreate the magic of in-person events online!

Here are some reasons why you should host your next event online:


A virtual event means that you will be saving money, and lots of money indeed. There are so many costly things that go into planning an event. Booking a venue with the appropriate capacity is a huge one. With a virtual event, you can do it in the comfort of your home, which is free! Also, providing hospitality, parking and valet facilities, travel and accommodation cost of key speakers/guests and much more! There are so many areas you will be saving money on. When hosting a virtual event, most of the cost will be directed towards marketing and awareness!

Delivers Similar Experience to Physical Events

Although you aren’t physically there with other people, being able to see them and speak to them makes it feel like a similar experience. Virtual events offer networking through chat tools, guide attendees using a virtual information booth, and promote engagement through online scavenger hunts. All of these experiences allow you to feel like you are a part of the audience, bringing the event to life.

Helps You Measure Success

Whenever you are planning an event there is always an objective in mind. But, how will you find out whether you’ve achieved the objective or not? At a virtual event, measuring success is quite easy given its digital nature. You can track attendance and engagement in real-time. All the information you need will be in one place, that way it is easy to find if you have met your goals or not.


This is where virtual events outpace physical events. Hosting any physical event results in a huge amount of paper waste, causing a further increase in the carbon footprint. A virtual event is quite environmentally friendly in this sense. Many responsible organizations who wish to save the Earth will choose this environmentally friendly solution.

While it is unfortunate that we are living through a pandemic, that doesn’t mean we have to stop doing the things we love. The joy of hosting and attending events is still present! I hope these benefits encourage you to throw that event you have been dying to attend!