Avoiding Event Burnout

Avoiding Event Burnout

Planning an event can be exhausting. You have to organize large groups of people and ensure every aspect of the event is perfectly placed. Your schedule is constantly changing and sometimes you’re staying up too late organizing. Free time can sometimes seem like a distant dream for event planners.

How do you prevent event planner burnout?

Create Some Space

You spend all your time organizing meetings, setting appointments, and booking venues. What about you? Your personal health and wellbeing need to be considered in your daily planner, including time for groceries, laundry, and picking an event outfit. Request some time for yourself. Whether you count it as a meeting with you or an appointment you can’t reschedule doesn’t matter. Just make the space and keep it.

Maintain Your Health

You only have so many hours in a day and most of them will be dedicated to your event, but eating is important too! Don’t rely solely on frozen dinners and takeout meals to sustain yourself. Unhealthy diets can actually add to the stress and anxiety you are already feeling. Some great ways to get in a quick homemade meal include using a slow cooker, meal prepping, and filling your bag or car with nutritious snacks.

Exercise – Both Body and Mind

When you’re busy it’s easy to forget that running from location to store to office doesn’t actually count as a workout. Make sure to pencil in your favorite workout at least once a week to ensure your getting some physical exercise. Then, you want to ensure you are not working your mind too hard. Plan some time to meditate. Calming the mind and allowing it time to rest is key in feeling fresh for the next day. If you are finding it hard to wake up some mornings, find yourself a motivational mantra. Chanting it when you wake up can encourage you to get out of bed and start your day with an uplifted mood.

You prevent burnout by taking care of yourself. If you put half as much focus and passion into taking care of yourself as you do in your events you will always make it to the end!