About Us

Abby combines a decade’s worth of project management expertise with a relentless drive for excellence. Abby began her career at ESPN and quickly worked her way to coordinating, managing and planning live events through the United States, including Dylan Ratigan’s Road Shows and Mika Brzezinski’s Know Your Value tour. Now, Abby plans and stages company parties, galas, dinners, fundraisers, activation’s, consumer focused events and more.

Due to COVID-19, Abby has combined her television production skills and event planning knowledge to help turn her client’s events virtual. Whether it be helping to identify the right virtual space for her clients to work on, managing the behind the scenes logistics to ensure a smooth event from start to finish or thinking of outside the box to create a unique and fun atmosphere Abby has seen great success with her events. As we all continue to navigate uncharted waters, the expertise that Abby can bring to any event will ensure everyone is still talking about it the next day and attendees will look forward to future events.

Prior to COVID-19, Abby was very active in the nonprofit and consumer space. She was key in orchestrating and designing a gala for a nonprofit company where she helped raise over half a million dollars and organized a fun filled evening for over 300 people.

Abby also completed a project with a nonprofit retirement company looking to take their message on the road. Through a cross- country tour, where she not only helped launch a non-profit through a breakfast and lunch but also helped promote retirement through a virtual reality truck, Abby worked with the company to get their message out in various locations around the country. She also worked with another consumer based company looking to raise awareness about their brand. Abby hired a street team to venture out over the course of a week and create buzz and interest about the brand.