2022 Event Trends

2022 Event Trends

It is difficult to project what the rest of 2022 will bring to the event industry; it seems like each quarter brings a new challenge to overcome. This is why we hope to keep your events relevant with this quick summary of 2022 event trends, so that your events can shine as bright as they can this year.

Flexible Event Format

For those that may still be uncomfortable in large crowds, hybrid events (that provide in-person and online attendance) provide the best of both worlds. This would also be key for workforces that are digital and in-office, making your event accessible to all employees. To increase attendance, it may be beneficial to provide an asynchronous attendance option. For example, a recording of the most important and interesting parts of a conference would allow those with busy schedules to participate.

Year Round Engagement

While it isn’t clear what the future of event planning will look like, year round engagement with your audience ensures that community is maintained. Instead of one high capacity, annual event, small monthly events work to keep the conversation going and to keep engagement consistent. These smaller events could take place in person, online, or in a hybrid format.

Events as Public Relations

Planning an authentic experience for your guests, which will also play well in the headlines, is an obvious goal for event planners. But as advertising fatigue continues to set in, it is vital to pursue more organic means of producing brand image. Events provide a creative opportunity to assert your brand’s image and message, without seeming like a direct advertisement.

Good Luck This Year

As the weather continues to get better, peak event season is upon us. By approaching your planning process in a flexible and creative way, you can make your company and/or event stand out among the rest.